Portrait of Isaac Waithaka and Ernest Kahome the founders of Magma Solutions Kenya Limited

 About us

When entrepreneurs want to elevate their brands and position themselves to reach their best clients, they consider us their  ride-or-die partner. 

Magma is a independent creative agency that works with visionary entrepreneurs and founders to help them build their brands from scratch.


We want every entrepreneur with a big idea to have access to all the support they need to build it into a recognizable and respectable brand, anywhere in the world. 

 Our approach

Design for Results

We create beautiful designs that have a real and positive business effect. All creative decisions are based on their ability to achieve  clients’ objectives.

You + Us = Team

We work with our clients as team members who are fully involved in the process.

Think First, Act Fast

We believe in taking time to understand the problem so we can develop well-thought solutions that deliver the most effective results.

Happy to Invest

We approach projects as investments of time and skill. We work with clients who value the work they bring to us and give it the attention it needs to produce a good return on investment. 

 Our process

01. Scope Meeting

We listen to understand your problem and to assess whether our solutions and processes are the right fit.

02. Discovery 

An in-depth Q&A session to better understand the founders philosophy, vision and business objectives.

03. Execution

Our network of creative and business professionals work together to produce quality and timely results. 

04. Delivery & Follow up

We are always available to our clients to make sure our work is working for them in the short and long.