The brand builders

Brand-building is the greatest investment you can make in your
organization. We want everyone in on it.

We believe the next two decades of African commerce belongs to brand-focused organizations. We have taken a specialized position among independent creative agencies as Brand Builders.

We want to equip up to 1,000 visionary local organizations to take advantage of this opportunity by building locally relevant and globally competitive brands. Will yours be one of them?

Magma at the core


A Transformed Continent

We are contributing towards an Africa where every idea can be a great brand and every brand has an equal chance to become a meaningful part of African history.


Human First

We design things to serve people better and not the other way around. All our tools and techniques are based around making it easier for people to overcome their daily challenges successfully.


Creative Independence

We believe every team needs to have as much control over its brand as possible. We equip them to continue making sound creative and strategic decisions with or without our participation.


Think First, Act Fast

We are able to work swiftly because we think through solutions and plan extensively before we embark on executing.

Design Thinking

All creation begins and centers around the end user – our customers and our customer’s customer – and their problem. Our aim is to give them the most effective solution to their problems.

Design for Results

The purpose of our work and process is primarily to help our clients meet their business objectives.


Why our clients choose us

We walk our talk

As entrepreneurs we understand the journey, risks and feelings associated with brand-building. We work with clients through it all step by step.

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We are well connected

Our network of independent creative and marketing specialists allows us to deliver great value to our clients at sustainable rates.

We do well to do good.

Working with us allows us to extend our services to support worthy causes and creative entrepreneurs with special needs as part of our mission.

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