Branding that gets results

Package your brand to attract the best customers employees supporters investors


We help organizations transform their branding & websites to drive growth

Build from the brand up

Naming / Logo & Brand Marks / Identity Systems

We help you define the foundations of your brand, including your Brand Purpose, Vision and Core Values. Then develop communication that connects with your audience.

Increase your reach

Digital Presence / Brand Campaign / Digital Transformation

We use compelling Content, reliable Data and available tech to help you reach your target market and manage your client relationships, so that your brand can grow organically.

Level up your brand

Brand Audit / Brand Refresh / Rebrand

We assess the state of your brand in terms of perception and positioning in the market. We then help you align your branding to better connect with your target audience.


We believe that building a respectable brand in Africa should be easier

We are a network of professional designers, marketers, photographers and developers with a goal to help local organizations build more resilient and competitive brands using tech, data and design.


Build a Better Brand

In Magma, branding is much more than simply making things look good. It is about aligning an organization’s core values and core strategies with its audience’s expectation through visual communication. Success for us is to put our clients in the best possible position to achieve their goals.

Think First, Act Fast

Laying a solid foundation before diving into a project is the catalyst for swift and successful execution.

Analysis, strategy and planning ensures that every aspect of a project is thoroughly considered, leading to a more streamlined and efficient process of execution which produces measurable results.

Design for Results

Our design philosophy is centered on helping clients achieve tangible business objectives.

By focusing on the specific objectives your organization intends to achieve through branding, we create designs that will both captivate audiences and contribute to your overall success.


Wondering what is possible for your brand?