Build from the brand up

The foundations of your brand are the immutable, unchanging principles upon which your brand will be set. They are the basis of everything else.

Find a name worth remembering

A brand name affects your customers ability to recall the brand, especially when giving a referral or recommendation. It needs to be well researched so that it can work across cultures.

We will help you come up with name that is unique, memorable and relevant to your target market.

Be different in a meaningful way

Your logo is how you will be identified among a sea of identities. The simpler and more unique the possible by your audience.

We approach logo design as both a science and an art with the aim to develop the most distinctive possible sets of marks that represent an individual, organization, event or concept.

Guidelines for brand success

An identity system is a set of guiding rules and principles meant to maintain the integrity of your brand identity assets. It is the consistent use of logos, colors and typography.

Over time, this visual identity – or “look” – becomes associated with the organization, and thereby reinforces its messages and personality.

We develop visual identity systems that are easy to understand and implement for both staff and suppliers alike.


Unlock long-term growth

Your brand is the force behind long-term sustainable organizational performance. When your brand grows your organization grows.

Build an online presence that sells

A website or social media channel is not merely being available online, it is the way today’s customer chooses to search, verify and engage service providers.

Magma helps you set up a strategic, professional online presence based on reliable insights with the primary aim to grow your brand and translate that growth into business performance.

Better connect with your customers

Random and reactive marketing efforts often lead to the weakening of your brand. The most effective communication is achieved through highly objective and focused efforts aimed at specific outcomes.

We will help you develop a campaign that creates compelling value for the target customers and contributes to the performance of the business.

Using technology and data to fuel growth

From responding to enquiries to after sales services, today’s customers expect significantly more engagement from the organizations that serve them.

Magma helps organizations use technology to make service more efficient while using data to understand customer needs and preferences.


Level up your brand

Every brand must evolve as the organization faces new challenges and finds better ways of expressing itself.

Market’s perception versus brand goals

A brand audit is the best way to assess your brand’s current state and your customer’s needs and expectations.

It involves undertaking a brand alignment test to determine the extent to which the organizations intentions for their brand matches with the market’s perception of it.

Through a brand audit Magma helps the organization to use research data and key metrics to have a clear view of their brand’s position in order to make key brand decisions that affect their performance.

Reconnect with customers using better branding

If your current branding presents an outdated or incorrect image for your organization, limiting your connection with your current customers, then it may be time to consider a brand refresh.

Magma helps organizations determine the best way to repackage their brand’s identity and to reconnect with their audience.

Redefine the foundations of your brand and adapt

The process of rebranding is not merely a marketing strategy, but an organization wide, strategic, transformation project to define and redefine the foundations of the organization to enable it to better serve its purpose.

In a rebrand we apply the principles of research, change management and design thinking to help you come up with a brand that reflects your true value and positioning in the market.


Wondering what is possible for your brand?