Defining a new chapter for a seasoned law firm

Shako & Company Advocates

Brand Transformation – Rebranding

Brand Strategy / Logo & Identity / Print Production


Shako & Company is a legal services firm that started in 1982. They needed to repackage their services to appeal to a new audience.

Our approach was to re-define their positioning in the market and re-design their identity to fit the purpose.


Shako & Company boasts of a large list of well-to-do individual and corporate clients including politicians and business owners. However, these clients were increasing taking their larger budget business to other firms. There was also a dwindling number of new clients joining the firm. Their branding was inconsistent and lacking focus. They felt their logo did not present their depth of knowledge and heritage the firm had built over time.


From lengthy discussions and a discovery session, rebranding became the most apparent direction. The idea was to package them as an experienced, trusted and knowledgeable law firm while capturing their rich heritage. They had built a reputation over the year as experts at conveyancing (matters real-estate) and decided on that as their positioning in the market.


We started with a brand audit, looking at all other parts of the business that would need to be adjusted to make the rebrand effective. We developed a visual identity meant to reflect their current clients and attract new clients. We eventually settled on a using brand mark that visually captured their values and expertise. Aside from the visual identity, we worked together to improve the type of stationery they used to reinforce the idea of quality in the customer’s minds as they engaged with their documents.


The rebranding process brought to light a few areas of the business that needed improvement including the quality of service administered and the attitudes of staff towards the leadership team. The rebrand was followed by an increase in the number of enquiries over the phone and walk in clients. With better service the firm was able to renew relationships with former clients. They were able to increase the average invoice value by at least 30% and the number of transactions per client also increased.


Through the rebrand, Shako & Company wanted to present themselves as experts, with years of experience in the legal field and offering superior quality of services. After several iteration we landed on a direction for the logo design that captured the most important aspects of the firm – their dedication to the rule of law, their focus on real-estate and their vast knowledge in the field.


The complete logo (Lockup) needed to be divided into two whole parts. The Shield symbol needed to be used by itself while still conveying the maturity and sophistication of the brand. The logotype (name) needed a balance of Classic Serif fonts with sharp edges to capture the same attributes and also be used effectively by itself.


Legal services use documents almost more than any other profession. We focused on the main touchpoints for their clients.

These included business cards, printed documents office stationery and digital assets like email -signatures.