Branding that gets results


Make your brand work harder.

Take charge of your brand assets and build a more genuine and fruitful connection with your most valuable audience.

Brand Formation

Define and design your brand

Brand Strategy / Naming / Logo & Identity

Brand Growth

Increase your reach and influence

Digital Strategy / Website / Social Media

Brand Refresh

Level-up to match your new position

Rebranding / Refresh / Brand Campaign


The Brand Guys

We believe the next two decades of business belongs to brand-focused organizations.

In any industry those who learn to make proper use of creativity and technology to connect with their audiences win. We have seen this through the past two decades at scale with the likes of Amazon, Apple Inc, Google and Facebook.

We think this is just the beginning.

Magma is a team of creative entrepreneurs and brand builders. We help growing organizations make use of design and digital tech to grow their brands.


Who we serve

Seed startups

We help startups figure out their brand’s direction and connection with customers.


We help growing organizations to evolve their brand assets internally and externally.


Demonstrate your expertise to your audience and position yourself to win.