Up your brand game

Equip your team with knowledge to build a more resilient and competitive brand



Equipping local brands

We are currently offering workshops to equip teams with knowledge and skills to make their businesses stand out in the market.

We help teams gain perspective on the value and impact of brand building and give them tools to develop well thought, result oriented plans of action to take the brand forward.

Through this program we hope to enable local businesses in Africa to become brand-focused and build locally relevant and globally competitive brands.


The next two decades of African business belong to brand focused local organizations

If we can learn anything from the past few decades of business globally it is that brand-focus can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Companies like Nike, Google and Apple are the best examples of what brand-focus can achieve.

Available information on brand development tends to be outdated and at times too fragmented to act upon. Many times it lacks perspective on challenges unique to the African context.

That’s why we developed the Brand Builder Program based on tried and true methods globally that work for businesses locally. We believe every team should have the opportunity to be equipped to build a better brand.

Old-School Business

– Communicates products & services

– Tries to beat the competition

– Sales drives decisions

– Uses tactics to convince

– Focused on survival

Brand Focused Business

– Communicates values and benefits

– Becomes a brand leader

– Values drive decisions

– Uses strategy to compel

– Focused on growth


A formula for building winning brands

We are committed to studying what factors make both local and global brands truly remarkable. Over the past 5 years we have gathered valuable insights on the approaches used by the most dominant global brands that have risen over the past half century.

We came up with a framework that distills the strategies & approaches applied by these brands down to principles and simplified steps that can be applied by business teams operating in the African context. We train our audiences to use it through our workshops.



Are you helping or hurting your brand?

Describe the brand you are building and we will tell you if your efforts are helping or hurting the brand you are trying to build.

Through the Brand Alignment Test we look at up to 10 different elements of your branding including your visual identity, tone of voice, content quality and so on. We assign a score out of 10 that tells you what is working, what is not and how to improve on it.


Sign your team up for a workshop

Our workshop is designed to equip teams with the knowledge and skills to make their businesses more competitive and resilient in the market through brand-building.


In-person training

Certificate of Attendance

Digital Brand Alignment Test

Virtual option

Performance oriented training

2.0 Hour Session

Your Team will be able to:

– Better define the brand and communicate your services.
– Properly present the brand on digital platforms like website & social media.
– Use the Brand Builder Framework to make key decisions.
– Adopt and apply Brand-focus individually and as a team.

Best for:

– Management Teams
– Start-up Teams
– Departmental Teams
– Membership Groups & Associations


Interested in the Brand Builder Workshop?